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Recent Submissions
Issue DateTypeTitleContributhor(s)
1-Sep-2006outroThe effect of hunger level on predation dynamics in the spider Nesticodes rufipes: a functional response studyRossi, Marcelo N.;Reigada, Carolina;Godoy, Wesley A. C.
1-Mar-2000outroPhenylalanine ammonia-lyase activity in soybean roots extract measured by reverse-phase high performance liquid chromatographyFerrarese, MLL;Rodrigues, J. D.;Ferrarese, O.
1-Apr-2004outroIntestinal anti-inflammatory activity of paepalantine, an isocoumarin isolated from the capitula of Paepalanthus bromelioides, in the trinitrobenzenesulphonic acid model of rat colitisDi Stasi, L. C.;Camuesco, D.;Nieto, A.;Vilegas, Wagner;Zarzuelo, A.;Galvez, J.
1-Apr-2006outroNeuroendocrine and reproductive aspects of adult male rats exposed neonatally to an antiestrogenGerardin, DCC;Bemardi, M. M.;Moreira, E. G.;Pereira, OCM
1-Dec-2002outroEffects of castration on alpha(1)-adrenoceptor subtypes in the rat aortaMorais, P. D.;Campos, M.;Pupo, A. S.
1-Jul-2003outroCholinergic responses of seminal vesicles isolated from rats exposed perinatally to hydrocortisonePereira, OCM;Yasuhara, F.;Arena, A. C.
1-Feb-2000outroEffects of ethanol, acetaldehyde, and acetic acid on histamine secretion in guinea pig lung mast cellsRuiz, C. M.;Gomes, J. C.
1-Oct-2002outroAnxiolytic activity of plants used in Brazilian traditional medicineCosta, M.;Blanco, M. M.;Carvalho-Freitas, MIR
1-May-2009outroThe evolution of jumping performance in anurans: morphological correlates and ecological implicationsGomes, F. R.;Rezende, E. L.;Grizante, M. B.;Navas, C. A.
1-Feb-2008outroIn silico network topology-based prediction of gene essentialityMuller da Silva, Joao Paulo;Acencio, Marcio Luis;Merino Mornbach, Jose Carlos;Vieira, Renata;da Silva, Jose Camargo;Lemke, Ney;Sinigagliac, Marialva