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Issue DateTypeTitleContributhor(s)
1-Dec-2009outroMeasurement of shrinkage of composite resin by laser speckle contrast analysisJacomassi, D. P.;Lins, E. C.;Rastelli, Alessandra Nara de Souza;Kurachi, C.;Bagnato, V. S.
14-Dec-2001outroAntioxidant defense in rat brain regions after developmental lead exposureMoreira, E. G.;Rosa, GJD;Barros, SBM;Vassilieff, V. S.;Vassillieff, I
1-Feb-2001outroMultistratum response surface designsTrinca, L. A.;Gilmour, S. G.
1-Oct-2006outroModeling grouped survival data with time-dependent covariatesSilveira Chalita, Liciana V. A.;Colosimo, Enrico A.;De Souza Passos, Jose Raimundo
1-Mar-2004outroCannibalistic behavior and functional response in Chrysomya albiceps (Diptera : Calliphoridae)Faria, L. D.;Trinca, L. A.;Godoy, WAC
1-Dec-2000outroTests of proportional hazards and proportional odds models for grouped survival dataColosimo, E. A.;Chalita, LVAS;Demetrio, CGB
1-Nov-2001outroDetermination of the optimal quantity of crop residues for energy in sugarcane crop management using linear programming in variety selection and planting strategySartori, MMP;Florentino, H. D.;Basta, C.;Leão, Alcides Lopes
1-Mar-2004outroSignificance of slime as virulence factor in coagulase-negative staphylococcus peritonitis in CAPDda Cunha, MDRD;Caramori, JCT;Fioravante, A. M.;Batalha, JEN;Montelli, A. C.;Barretti, Pasqual
1-Oct-2008outroFood restriction impairs myocardial inotropic response to calcium and beta-adrenergic stimulation in spontaneously hypertensive ratsGut, Ana Lúcia;Sugizaki, Mario Mateus;Okoshi, Marina Politi;Carvalho, Robson Francisco;Dal Pai-Silva, Maeli;Aragon, Flávio Ferrari;Padovani, Carlos Roberto;Okoshi, Katashi;Cicogna, Antonio Carlos
1-Mar-2009outroDifferential MMP-2 and MMP-9 Activity and Collagen Distribution in Skeletal Muscle from pacu (Piaractus mesopotamicus) During Juvenile and Adult Growth PhasesMichelin, Aline Cristina;Justulin, Luis Antonio;Delella, Flávia Karina;Padovani, Carlos Roberto;Felisbino, Sergio Luis;Dal-Pai-Silva, Maeli