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Issue DateTypeTitleContributhor(s)
1-Feb-2013outroAbsence of RKIP expression is an independent prognostic biomarker for gastric cancer patientsMartinho, Olga;Simões, Kleber;Longatto-Filho, Adhemar;Jacob, Carlos Eduardo;Zilberstein, Bruno;Bresciani, Cláudio;Gama-Rodrigues, Joaquim;Cecconello, Ivan;Alves, Venâncio;Reis, Rui Manuel
1-Feb-2013outroShort communication: Acute but transient increase in serum insulin reduces messenger RNA expression of hepatic enzymes associated with progesterone catabolism in dairy cowsVieira, F. V R;Cooke, Reinaldo Fernandes;Aboin, A. C.;Lima, P.;Vasconcelos, José Luiz Moraes
1-Feb-2013outroPatients' expectation and satisfaction with removable dental prosthesis therapy and correlation with patients' evaluation of the dentistsDe Siqueira, Graziele Pereira;Dos Santos, Mateus Bertolini Fernandes;Dos Santos, Jarbas Francisco Fernandes;Marchini, Leonardo
1-Feb-2013outroDentin hypersensitivity after teeth bleaching with in-office systems. randomized clinical trialMartin, Javier;Fernandez, Eduardo;Bahamondes, Valeria;Werner, Andrea;Elphick, Klaus;Oliveira, Osmir Batista;Moncada, Gustavo
6-Feb-2013outroHigh concentrations of glucose reduce the oxidative metabolism of dog neutrophils in vitroBosco, Anelise M.;de Almeida, Breno F.M.;Pereira, Priscila P.;Narciso, Luis G.;Lima, Valéria M.F.;Ciarlini, Paulo Cesar
10-Jan-2013outroMODY 2: Mutation identification and molecular ancestry in a Brazilian familyMota, Adolfo J.;Brüggemann, Simone;Costa, Fabrício F.
15-Jan-2013outroEffects of vaccination against reproductive diseases on reproductive performance of beef cows submitted to fixed-timed AI in Brazilian cow-calf operationsAono, F. H.;Cooke, Reinaldo Fernandes;Alfieri, A. A.;Vasconcelos, José Luiz Moraes
15-Jan-2013outroEffects of heat stress on development, quality and survival of Bos indicus and Bos taurus embryos produced in vitroSilva, C. F.;Sartorelli, E. S.;Castilho, A. C S;Satrapa, R. A.;Puelker, R. Z.;Razza, E. M.;Ticianelli, J. S.;Eduardo, H. P.;Loureiro, B.;Barros, C. M.
16-Jan-2013outroDietary, anthropometric, and biochemical determinants of uric acid in free-living adultsDe Oliveira, Erick Prado;Moreto, Fernando;Silveira, Liciana Vaz de Arruda;Burini, Roberto Carlos
16-Jan-2013outroErythromycin versus neomycin in the treatment of hepatic encephalopathy in cirrhosis: A randomized double-blind studyRomeiro, Fernando Gomes;da Silva Yamashiro, Fabio;Américo, Madileine Francely;Corá, Luciana Aparecida;Silva, Giovanni Faria;Miranda, JoséRicardodeArruda;Caramori, Carlos Antonio