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Issue DateTypeTitleContributhor(s)
1-Dec-2009outroResistance to tetracycline and β-lactams and distribution of resistance markers in enteric microorganisms and pseudomonads isolated from the oral cavityBuso Ramos, Marcelle Marie;Gaetti-Jardim, Ellen Cristina;Jardim Júnior, Élerson Gaetti
1-Jun-1994outroInfluence of soil texture in the recovery of Toxocara canis eggs by a flotation methodNunes, Caris Maroni;Sinhorini, Idércio Luis;Ogassawara, Saemi
27-Mar-2004outroEffects of four anaesthetic protocols on the neurological and cardiorespiratory variables of puppies born by caesarean sectionLuna, Stélio Pacca Loureiro;Cassu, R. N.;Castro, G. B.;Teixeira Neto, Francisco José;Silvia Júnior, J. R.;Lopes, Maria Denise
1-Dec-1987outroMetabolic activity of the sticker's lymphosarcomaRosa, Claudete Deguirmendjian;Rosa, Rubens;Rodrigues, Edson;Ocampos, Dario;Vuono, Laudinor de;Bacila, Metry
1-Jan-1998outroFactor V Arg306 → Thr (factor V Cambridge) and factor V Arg306 → Gly mutations in venous thrombotic diseaseFranco, R. F.;Maffei, Francisco Humberto de Abreu;Lourenco, D.;Morelli, V.;Thomazini, I. A.;Piccinato, C. E.;Tavella, M. H.;Zago, M. A.
1-Mar-2003outroMorphology of ileal and jejunal pouches used as rectal substitutesTeixeira, Fabio V.;Daud, Danilo;Eleuterio, Maria L.;Silva, Maeli D. P.;Kelly, Keith A.
1-Jan-1989outroCirculating thyroid hormone levels in young pregnant rats and their fetuses: Effect of malnutritionMello, M. A. Rostom de;Oliveira-Filho, R. M.;Cury, L.;Souza Valle, L. B.
1-Feb-2009outroMaxillo-mandibular counter-clockwise rotation and mandibular advancement with TMJ Concepts (R) total joint prostheses Part I - Skeletal and dental stabilityColeta, K. E. Dela;Wolford, L. M.;Gonçalves, João Roberto;Santos-Pinto, Ary dos;Pinto, L. P.;Cassano, D. S.
11-May-2009outroPopularion biology of abdominant fish species of the Santa Bárbara river, a tributary of the Nova Avanhandava reservoir (low Tietê river, São Paulo State, Brazil)Vidotto-Magnoni, Ana Paula;Carvalho, Edmir Daniel
1-Dec-2000outroSynaptomenal complex analysis of four breeds of Bos taurus taurus x B. taurus indicus hybridsScavone, Marcia D. P.;Oliveira, Claudio;Trinca, Luzia Aparecida;Foresti, Fausto