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Recent Submissions
Issue DateTypeTitleContributhor(s)
1-Apr-2013outroImpact of an educational and preventive program on practice of breastfeedingMoimaz, Suzely Adas Saliba;Santos, Renata Reis Dos;Hidalgo, Lidia Regina Da Costa;Wakayama, Bruno;Rovida, Tânia Adas Saliba;Garbin, Clea Adas Saliba
1-May-2013outroDevelopment and validation of a D-loop mtDNA SNP assay for the screening of specimens in forensic caseworkChemale, Gustavo;Paneto, Greiciane Gaburro;Menezes, Meiga Aurea Mendes;De Freitas, Jorge Marcelo;Jacques, Guilherme Silveira;Cicarelli, Regina Maria Barretto;Fagundes, Paulo Roberto
1-May-2013outroDystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa in GoatsMedeiros, G. X.;Riet-Correa, F.;Barros, S. S.;Soares, M. P.;Dantas, A. F M;Galiza, G. J N;Simões, S. V D;Borges, Alexandre Secorun
1-May-2013outroMacrophage migration inhibitory factor and oral cancerFrança, Cristiane M.;Batista, Aline C.;Borra, Ricardo C.;Ventiades-Flores, Jose A.;Mendonça, Elismauro F.;Deana, Alessandro M.;Mesquita-Ferrari, Raquel A.;de Natali Caly, Decio;de Mello Rode, Sigmar;Faria, Miriam R.
13-May-2013outroAnticancer effects of geopropolis produced by stingless bees on canine osteosarcoma cells in vitroCinegaglia, Naiara Costa;Bersano, Paulo Ricardo Oliveira;Araújo, Maria José Abigail Mendes;Búfalo, Michelle Cristiane;Sforcin, José Mauricio
22-May-2013outroMononuclear inflammatory infiltrate and microcirculation injury in acute rejection: Role in renal allograft survivalDos Santos, Daniela Cristina;Andrade, Luís Gustavo Modelli de;De Carvalho, Maria Fernanda Cordeiro;Neto, Francisco Alves Moraes;Viero, Rosa Marlene
22-May-2013outroEffect of dialysate sodium reduction on body water volume, blood pressure, and inflammatory markers in hemodialysis patients - A prospective randomized controlled studyBeduschi, Gabriela Carvalho;Telini, Lidiane Silva Rodrigues;Caramori, Jacqueline Socorro Costa Teixeira;Martin, Luis Cuadrado;Barretti, Pasqual
1-Jun-2013outroMusculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) in dancers and former dancers participating in the largest dance festival in the worldGrego Muniz de Araújo, L.;Luiz Monteiro, H.;Marcelo Pastre, C.
1-Jun-2013outroFlexibility, torque and kick performance in soccer: Effect of dominanceOliveira, A. S C;Barbieri, F. A.;Gonçalves, M.
1-Jun-2013outroEffects of β-glucan extracted from Agaricus blazei on the expression of ERCC5, CASP9, and CYP1A1 genes and metabolic profile in HepG2 cellsDa Silva, A. F.;Sartori, D.;MacEdo, F. C.;Ribeiro, L. R.;Fungaro, M. H P;Mantovani, M. S.