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Issue DateTypeTitleContributhor(s)
15-Mar-2013outroAnnexin-A1 peptide down-regulates the leukocyte recruitment and up-regulates interleukin-10 release into lung after intestinal ischemia-reperfusion in miceGuido, Bruna Candido;Zanatelli, Marianna;Tavares-De-Lima, Wothan;Oliani, Sonia Maria;Damazo, Amílcar Sabino
15-Mar-2013outroEvaluation of the hypothalamus-pituitary axis response to exogenous GnRH, estradiol benzoate, And LH during the postpartum period in Nellore cowsPinheiro, Vinícius G.;Cury, José Renato L. M.;Satrapa, Rafael A.;Trinca, Luzia A.;Loureiro, Bárbara;Barros, Ciro M.
1-Apr-2013outroEffect of air-particle abrasion protocols on the biaxial flexural strength, surface characteristics and phase transformation of zirconia after cyclic loadingÖzcan, Mutlu;Melo, Renata M.;Souza, Rodrigo O.A.;Machado, João P.B.;Felipe Valandro, Luiz;Botttino, Marco A.
1-Apr-2013outroThe effect of muscle fatigue on the last stride before stepping down a curbBarbieri, Fabio Augusto;Lee, Yun-Ju;Gobbi, Lilian Teresa Bucken;Pijnappels, Mirjam;Van Dieën, Jaap H.
1-Apr-2013outroEMG activity of trunk stabilizer muscles during Centering Principle of Pilates MethodMarques, Nise Ribeiro;Morcelli, Mary Hellen;Hallal, Camilla Zamfolini;Gonçalves, Mauro
1-Apr-2013outroDifferential phosphorylation, desensitization, and internalization of α1A-adrenoceptors activated by norepinephrine and oxymetazolineAkinaga, Juliana;Lima, Vanessa;De Almeida Kiguti, Luiz Ricardo;Hebeler-Barbosa, Flávia;Alcántara-Hernández, Rocío;García-Sáinz, J. Adolfo;Pupo, André Sampaio
1-Apr-2013outroProtective effect of mannan oligosaccharides against early colonization by Salmonella Enteritidis in chicks is improved by higher dietary threonine levelsSantos, E. G.;Costa, F. G P;Silva, J. H V;Martins, T. D D;Figueiredo-Lima, D. F.;Macari, Marcos;Oliveira, C. J B;Givisiez, P. E N
1-Apr-2013outroSilver colloidal nanoparticles: Effect on matrix composition and structure of Candida albicans and Candida glabrata biofilmsMonteiro, D. R.;Silva, S.;Negri, M.;Gorup, L. F.;de Camargo, E. R.;Oliveira, R.;Barbosa, Débora de Barros;Henriques, M.
1-Apr-2013outroOxidative stress, superoxide production, and apoptosis of neutrophils in dogs with chronic kidney diseaseSilva, Adriana Carolina Rodrigues Almeida;de Almeida, Breno Fernando Martins;Soeiro, Carolina Soares;Ferreira, Wagner Luis;Lima, Valéria Marçal Felix de;Ciarlini, Paulo Cesar
29-Jul-2013outroDevelopment and Biotechnological Application of a Novel Endoxylanase Family GH10 Identified from Sugarcane Soil MetagenomeAlvarez, Thabata M.;Goldbeck, Rosana;Santos, Camila Ramos dos;Paixão, Douglas A. A.;Gonçalves, Thiago A.;Franco Cairo, João Paulo L.;Almeida, Rodrigo Ferreira;de Oliveira Pereira, Isabela;Jackson, George;Cota, Junio;Büchli, Fernanda;Citadini, Ana Paula;Ruller, Roberto;Polo, Carla Cristina;de Oliveira Neto, Mario;Murakami, Mário T.;Squina, Fabio M.