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Issue DateTypeTitleContributhor(s)
1-Jun-2013outroEffect of immersion and inoculation in ovo of Lactobacillus spp. in embryonated chicken eggs in the prevention of Salmonella enteritidis after hatchYamawaki, R. A.;Milbradt, E. L.;Coppola, M. P.;Rodrigues, J. C Z;Andreatti Filho, R. L.;Padovani, C. R.;Okamoto, A. S.
14-Jun-2013outroLight microscope observations on the epididymis of paca (Agouti paca)Schimming, Bruno Cesar;Machado, Márcia Rita Fernandes;Simões, Karina;Da Cruz, Claudinei;Domeniconi, Raquel Fantin
1-May-2013outroAnnual reproductive cycle of males of the flat-faced fruit-eating bat, Artibeus planirostris (Chiroptera: Phyllostomidae)Beguelini, Mateus R.;Puga, Cintia C.I.;Taboga, Sebastião R.;Morielle-Versute, Eliana
1-May-2013outroAcute aerocystitis in Piaractus mesopotamicus: Participation of eicosanoids and pro-inflammatory cytokinesClaudiano, Gustavo da Silva;Petrillo, Thalita R.;Manrique, Wilson G.;Castro, Marcello P.;Loureiro, Bruna A.;Marcusso, Paulo F.;Belo, Marco A.A.;Moraes, Julieta R.E.;De Moraes, Flávio Ruas
1-May-2013outroOrbifloxacin: A Review of Properties, Its Antibacterial Activities, Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic Characteristics, Therapeutic Use, and Analytical MethodsCazedey, Edith Cristina Laignier;Salgado, Hérida Regina Nunes
1-May-2013outroGestational protein restriction induces CA3 dendritic atrophy in dorsal hippocampal neurons but does not alter learning and memory performance in adult offspringLopes, A.;Torres, D. B.;Rodrigues, A. J.;Cerqueira, J. J.;Pêgo, J. M.;Sousa, N.;Gontijo, J. A R;Boer, P. A.
1-May-2013outroEffects of Ginkgo biloba on chemically-induced mammary tumors in rats receiving tamoxifenDias, Marcos Correa;Furtado, Kelly Silva;Rodrigues, Maria Aparecida Marchesan;Barbisan, Luis Fernando
3-May-2013outroBaclofen into the lateral parabrachial nucleus induces hypertonic sodium chloride intake during cell dehydrationKimura, Everton H.;De Oliveira, Lisandra B.;Menani, José Vanderlei;Callera, João Carlos
1-Jun-2013outroImmunomodulatory effects of low dose chemotherapy and perspectives of its combination with immunotherapyNars, Mariana S.;Kaneno, Ramon
1-Jun-2013outroExpression of genes related to quality of Longissimus dorsi muscle meat in Nellore (Bos indicus) and Canchim (5/8 Bos taurus×3/8 Bos indicus) cattleGiusti, Juliana;Castan, Eduardo;Dal Pai, Maeli;Arrigoni, Mario de Beni;Rodrigues Baldin, Samira;De Oliveira, Henrique Nunes